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Hoping I can answer some of your questions here. If you don't see the question/answer you're looking for, please don't hesitate to reach out, and I'll get back to you in like 1/2000 of a second. Figuratively.

What other services do you offer?

If I can do it with a camera, I love to do it. That includes:

  • Surprise proposals (I have all the bended-knee proof)

  • Events

  • Bridal portraits

  • Family Tag-a-longs (Your family goes on an adventure (trip to the park, family picnic, Top of the Rock, etc.). I take the phone out of your hands, keep you present and capture it all, fly-on-the-wall style.)

  • Vacation Photographer (Same as above but for wherever and however you want me to capture your family’s memories)

  • Pet Portraits (in studio or in your home)

  • Family Portraits


These services obviously vary wildly in scope and price so let’s have a quick chat and see what works best for you.


What does “lightly retouched” mean?

When processing photos (taking the digital file and optimizing them), there are several levels of retouching. I define “light retouching” as balancing color temperature, adjusting shadows vs. highlights, contrast, and brightening up eyes and teeth.


“Fully retouched” involves a deeper dive and can mean the removal of items (like a person in the background), skin enhancements (dark circles or blemishes, for example) and is generally more intense and time consuming.


Where do you shoot?

I have worked with many studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn and will find one that works best and most conveniently for our shoot.


As far as being in the great outdoors of NY, I know the best places to shoot in all the best places: whether it is an observation deck like the Edge or exploring Central Park, we can find a place that works well for you and your portrait.


Are you willing to come to me?

I love housecalls. If you have enough room to shoot in your home or office, I am happy to come to you. Even if your home or office are farther away (outside of NYC), we can talk about that, as well.

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